Serve on the Media Team

Our media teams need your help

You can help with one of the many media positions needed on a Sunday morning or during the week.

Every Sunday when you walk by the back row of the auditorium you probably notice the slew of computers, cameras, and lots and lots of blinking lights and sliders. All that technology and the people faithfully operating it each week make up our media team. The purposes of the team range from live audio, lighting and slide presentation to video recording and live streaming. Each week there are volunteers that serve in each of the critical roles, and our teams are in need of more people to serve across all areas.

You don't have to be an expert to volunteer. In fact, most people that have some basic technology know-how could easily be trained in most areas. Below are some short descriptions of the roles and requirements. If you're interested in connecting and serving through this media team, please reach out via and we can begin training as soon as possible as your schedule allows. Most positions are able to be a one to two weekend a month commitment.

Sunday Video Recording/Streaming - If you have any familiarity with video cameras, this position is easily trainable in just a couple weeks. This position really helps serve all those who are live-streaming and watching the sermon after the fact.

Sanctuary Lighting - control the sanctuary and stage lighting as the Sunday services transitions from one part to the next. Right now our lighting is kept pretty basic, but there is lots of room for growth and creativity with more time devoted to it.

Worship/Sermon Slides - this position functions as an extension of the worship team and would need to come to the Tuesday night worship team practice as well as Sunday mornings. The role is focused on getting all the slides correctly displayed and keeping them in time with the service.

Audio Mixing - this is the most technical of the jobs available and will require extended training. That being said, anyone with the desire to learn and be taught would be able to join in. The position requires coming to Tuesday night practices and Sunday mornings, and often includes moving sound equipment around as well as mixing and monitoring the live sound.

Mid-Week Video Projects - this role doesn't officially exist yet, but there is definitely room for someone wanting to jump in. There are always stories to be told, activities and ministries happening around fellowship. If an individual or small team committed to capturing and sharing those stories it would be a great inside look at life at Fellowship. People familiar with short video creation, vlog style videos or basic storytelling trends would do best here, as well as a creative and fun attitude ready to take on a challenge.

Sunday Live Stream Host - Lots of people watch all or part of the service each week while they're away from Fellowship. Right now we are providing a basic viewing experience, but we'd like to take more time during the live-stream to specifically build community and foster real connection between people there. This role would be sort of a digital greeter/host for all those tuning online. Think: cheery and welcoming with a small amount of tech know-how. This could even be done remotely some times.

Social Media - we're currently using Facebook and Instagram as a church, but we could be doing way more. We're looking for a person or small team with a heart to reach people and connect through these and other platforms. Starting off, this role would focus on creating posts and generating meaningful conversations in a monthly or every other week meeting.

Website - our primary method of keeping people connected to what's going on and getting them the necessary information quickly is through our website. This role is perfect for someone looking to volunteer a few hours a week and could include anything from sermon video posting, announcement updates, article writing and web maintenance.

Photography - between our websites, social media and printed materials, we use a lot of photos. If you'd like to use your photo skills to help share the life going on here at Fellowship, this would be the perfect squad to join in on, both for Sunday mornings and mid-week ministries.

Other - is there something we're missing that you have a heart for and some skills to pull it off? Let us know below.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our communication director, Ben Panter, at [email protected]