Sermon Notes

Follow along with the sermon and take notes, Feb 16th

ASK: Ask for Help

Pastor Mark Willey

What is a LAMENT?

Lament is the honest cry of a hurting heart wrestling with the paradox of pain and the promise of God's goodness.

 Four stages of Lament:

1. GO................... Go to God

2. GROAN .......... Express your pain

3. ASK ................. Ask for Help

4. TRUST ............ Choose to trust God

I. What help to ask for (Psalm 5:8-12)

1. _____________________ (vs. 8 "Lead me, O Lord... make your way straight before me")

2. Vindication and Judgment (vss 9-10 "Make them bear their guilt...fall by their own counsels")

3. _______________ and Protection (vs 11 "spread your protection over them")

4. Affirmation of God's _______________ (vs 12 "cover him with your favors with a shield")

5. God's mercy

II. How to ask for help

A. Pray specifically and with _______________________

B. Pray dependently

C. Pray ______________________

D. Pray worshipfully

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