FellowshipKids Fall Classes

Start Back Sunday 9/8

FellowshipKids Classes Start Back Today!

It’s time to launch our Fall program for kids ages 3 through high school and we are excited to see all of your kids back with us on Sunday mornings! Here are details you should know!

September 8– kids move up into their new classes as follows

Age 3 or turning 3 before November 1 (and potty trained) – 3 year old class

Age 4 or turning 4 before November 1 – 4 year old class

Age 5 or in Kindergarten this Fall – Kindergarten class

1st – 5thgrades attend class by grade

These classes run at both 9:15 AM and at 11:00 am.

September 15– classes for 6-8thgraders (Junior High) and for 9-12thgraders (Senior High) begin. These classes run ONLY at 9:15 am.

For Children Ages 3 – Kindergarten:

  1. PLEASE check your child’s room assignment at CHECK-IN to make sure he or she is placed properly.  Ask for help if you need to edit.
  2. BRING your PICK UP stickers and be prepared to show them to your teachers.  Not everyone knows who you are and we want to keep our children secure. Your cooperation and patience is appreciated!
  3. Our teachers in 3 and 4 year olds serve a small snack.  Let us know of any food allergies. Other classes DO NOT serve food. Please feed your child breakfast before you come!
  4. Teachers have asked that you not have your child bring outside toys to class.  It sometimes causes issues when another child wants to touch a toy or play with something your child has brought.  If this is a problem, please speak to your child’s teacher about it.
  5. Ages 3,4, and 5 year olds – we will move children QUARTERLY into new classrooms, not on their birthdays as follows: September 8, January 5, and early April 2020. Please do not move your child up to a new class independently.

For children in 1st– 5thgrades:

  1. Our start time is 9:15 and 11:00 am. Teachers try to be on time, and they start activities and learning times about 5 minutes into the hour.  We ask that you try your best to be on time too. Late entries cause distraction for other students.
  2. Memory verses – Each student in grades 2-5 will have worksheets with Bible memory verses. If you are able, please encourage your child to memorize God’s Word at home during the week.  We suggest taping the Memory Verse Card to the bathroom mirror or keeping it at their seat in the car for daily review.
  3. Our Mission project this Fall is to purchase Christmas coloring books for children in Bangladesh.  Next Winter and Spring we will be supporting a printing project of a book called “99 Stories from the Bible for Children.”  It’s already printed in English and will be translated into Bangla.  We are excited for our kids to help Bengali kids learn about Jesus!
  4. Offering – Students and children can bring offering each week to FellowshipKids.  We will collect it during the large group time. Keep watching the Bulletin Board in the gym to see the progress your kids are making.  All offering will go to the Missions projects.